Torchlight Customer Selected for New England Benefit Council’s 2017 Emerging Benefits Award

Torchlight is thrilled to announce that its long-time customer, Boston Private, was selected as New England Employee Benefits Council’s (NEEBC) 2017 Emerging Benefits Award Winner for providing its employees with Torchlight’s cloud-based caregiver support solution as part of its benefits and wellness program.


NEEBC expanded its award categories this year to include a “Best Emerging Benefits” winner. This award honors a company that is responsive to a need within a subset of its employee base and invested in this important demand and related benefit.

“We are very pleased to be recognized by NEEBC for our Torchlight Child and Torchlight Elder programs that we have integrated into the wellness benefits program we offer our employees,” said Diane Terwilliger, Human Resources Manager, Payroll and Benefits for Boston Private. “We understand that our employees are pulled in many directions in their personal lives and our goal is to support them with what they are dealing with day to day. It is important to us to support our employees from ‘hire to retire’ and the feedback from employees that have utilized our child and elder caregiving benefit has been very positive. Seven percent of our employees are utilizing the Torchlight platform including the decision support tools, roadmaps, online resources and the interactive webinars.”

In 2015, Boston Private undertook an executive-sponsored initiative to build out its comprehensive wellness benefits program for its employees. The goal was to offer a comprehensive benefits plan that (1) serves not only the employee but also his or her family and (2) helps with the hiring and retention of top workforce talent. During this process, the company identified stress issues within its workforce surrounding various caregiving aspects with employees’ children and aging parents.  Boston Private partnered with Torchlight to first roll out the Torchlight Child program in 2015 and added Torchlight Elder in 2016 to fully complement their employee family needs. 

“Boston Private is a perfect example of a company that has identified the strategic benefits of investing in and embracing family support benefits,” said Adam Goldberg, CEO and founder of Torchlight. “The company strives to truly integrate its full suite of well-being support services and platforms into its employees’ lives. As a result, the company has happier, healthier and better-prepared employees, as well as family members who receive the proper support. In turn, the company may benefit from not only human capital but also financial returns.”

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