Torchlight Child is designed to help the modern caregiver navigate the challenges of caring for children with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities and other special needs.

Torchlight has been providing resources to make life easier for the modern caregiver because we understand caregiving challenges firsthand. Whether just getting started, or already on the journey, Torchlight Child helps families overcome obstacles and illuminates the path. Torchlight Child:

Torchlight Child


Empowers families to make certain that children have the most appropriate services and resources available.


Ensures children receive more comprehensive, better managed, and more convenient (often on-site) high quality therapies and services.


Expands employer offerings, resulting in improved productivity, reduced health plan spending and unmatched loyalty.

Torchlight Child provides families with an automated navigation platform, accessible at any time from any device.

Torchlight Child simplifies life for modern caregivers so they can:
  • Understand the federal and state special education laws and processes as they apply to their children’s situations, whether in public or private school
  • Become fluent in the language of education programs such as IEPs, 504 Plans and an ISFPs, among others
  • Learn how to effectively prepare for transitions between the different phases of education from Pre-K through young adulthood
  • Relocate with the confidence that their children will be served appropriately in new schools, even in new states
  • Gain immediate access to state timelines, service eligibility guidelines, and connections to appropriate agencies
  • Efficiently organize their schedules around important school deadlines and milestones
Torchlight Child features include:
  • Personalized recommendations based on a children’s needs
  • Up-to-date, subject-matter tutorials on modern challenges that children face today
  • State-by-state details on regulations, timelines, processes, and resources
  • Dozens of interactive tools to inform and guide decision-making
  • Virtual binder to store, manage and access key documents
  • Journal to record developmental milestones, analyze challenging behaviors, and demonstrate service needs
  • Team sharing with others involved in children’s lives
  • Catalog of content-rich webinars
  • Optional, live, one-on-one expert advising with acclaimed education and behavioral health practitioners

Webinars & Podcasts

Torchlight Child also provides valuable webinars and podcasts, delivered live and made available on-demand. Our monthly series covers topics on the latest research and trends to support a parent in making the best decisions for their child in acute and everyday situations.

Torchlight Child is available as a stand-alone, employer-branded technology  solution with data reporting and a selection of supporting expert webinars,  or as a comprehensive offering with live one-on-one advising.

Consider integrating Torchlight Child with plug-ins for EAPs,
behavioral and traditional health plans, online and offline benefits,
and resource and referral services to both optimize the caregiving experience
for employees and maximize ROI for employers – finally, a true win-win.

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