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About Torchlight: Providing Innovative Employee Benefits for Caregivers

Top US companies use Torchlight’s digital platform and expert advisors to educate and empower employees to resolve modern caregiving challenges quickly and efficiently, no matter the age, stage, crisis, or concern.


The Result: a more engaged and productive workforce.

Our Mission

To support employee caregivers because caring is everyone’s business and caring is good business.

 Innovative Employee Benefits Providers Torchlight

Who Are We?

Torchlight was founded by Adam Goldberg, M.Ed and is the culmination of years of professional and personal experience caring for family members with a variety of struggles and challenges. Prior to Torchlight, Adam's professional journey led him to co-found the Goldberg Center with his mother, Leslie Goldberg, a nationally recognized expert in special education and special needs counseling for families.

His personal journey began evolving at a very young age and has culminated as a modern adult caregiver for family members at opposite ends of the age spectrum. As a young teen, he was an assistant caregiver for his aunt, who struggled with undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder and other physical health problems. She was severely bullied and abused outside of the home, and unable to care for herself without family assistance.

As an adult, he was unexpectedly thrown into caring for his aging dad, and Goldberg’s family struggled to navigate the financial, regulatory, emotional and health complexities of eldercare.

Through these experiences, Adam began to see that caring for struggling children and elderly loved ones has similar challenges, complex decision paths and vast arrays of societal systems which must work together. He realized, too, many of the activities required to care for the entire age spectrum must be handled during the workday, unless an additional avenue is offered. Out of this, Torchlight was born.

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We are:

  • Collaborative as teammates and as our clients’ partner
  • Creative with our ideas, our spirit, our work and our lives
  • Committed to helping both employers and employees succeed and thrive
  • Courageous in our groundbreaking work and with our relationships, and
  • Caring for all people. Always