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Founded by Caregivers, Embraced by Employers

Torchlight was founded by Adam Goldberg, M.Ed. and is the culmination of years of professional and personal experience caring for family members with a variety of struggles and challenges. Prior to Torchlight, Adam’s professional journey led him to co-found the Goldberg Center with his mother, Leslie Goldberg, M.Ed., a nationally recognized expert in special education and special needs placement counseling for families.

For his entire life Adam has acted as a modern adult caregiver for family members at opposite ends of the age spectrum. As a young teen, he was an assistant caregiver for his aunt, who struggled with undiagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder and other physical health problems. As an adult, he was unexpectedly thrown into caring for his aging father as the Goldberg family struggled to navigate the financial, regulatory, emotional and health complexities of eldercare.

Through these experiences, Adam began to see that caring for struggling children and elderly loved ones has similar challenges, complex decision paths and vast arrays of societal systems which must work together. He realized that many of the activities required to care for the entire age spectrum must be handled during the workday, unless an additional avenue is offered.

Out of this, Torchlight was born.


Meet the Caregiving Experts on Our Executive Team

Adam Goldberg, M.Ed.

Founder & CEO

Kelly Wahlberg, CHC

Chief Financial Officer

Carolyn Romano, J.D.

Vice President of Product

Ann Gargis

Senior Director of Sales & Business Development

Amy Lyman

Director of Client Success

Paul Harsha

Director of Engineering

Guiding Our Growth

How we manage Torchlight matters. We’re grateful to benefit from strong, strategic direction provided by industry and financial leaders who serve as our Board of Directors and Strategic Advisors.

Nancy Rosenzweig

Social Venture Leader

ZipCar, Bright Horizons


Jerome Schultz, Ph.D.

Child Neurophyschologist

Harvard Medical School


Blair Heavey

Entrepreneur in Residence

Babson College, Cartera


Mark Miller

EdTech & Publishing Entrepreneur

Learn Launch


Patricia Houpt

Employee Benefits Executive



Elliot Sainer

Investor/Serial Entrepreneur

Aspen Education Group


Doug Brenhouse

Mobile Entrepreneur



Judy Duff

Software Product Executive

ADP, Salary.com


James Weil

Eldercare Leader

Metlife, AARP


David Katz

User Experience Design Leader

Virtusa, Projector PSA


Gail Hunt

Caregiving Luminary

Former CEO National Alliance for Caregiving


Joanne Derr

Senior HR leader, Executive Coach

Care.com, Neighborhood Health Plan


Torchlight is humbled and proud to have the support of notable financial and strategic investors.

Careers at Torchlight

If you’d like to help people, and their families, live less stressed, more engaged, longer, happier, and healthier lives, Torchlight might be the place for you. And if you have ever had to be a caregiver, you know how much value we can bring.

Cloud Operations Manager

In this exciting role, you will play a key part in the impact of Torchlight on a national scale. You can expect to work with some of the brightest and most passionate minds in the quest to transform how families take care of children and aging loved ones while improving their professional lives, all via game-changing technology and services. Caregiver support has emerged as one of the top concerns among employers and healthcare organizations, and Torchlight leads the market with the most complete solution.

Director of Engineering

Are you excited by the idea of transforming how working families take care of children and aging loved ones while improving their professional lives? Are you passionate about leveraging technology to provide caregivers with life-changing information and services? Torchlight is looking to hire a full-time Director of Engineering who is interested in playing a key role in driving improvements to our software-as-a-service caregiving products and contributing to the impact of Torchlight on a national scale.

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Caregiving in the Next Normal

Caring is Everyone’s Business.

COVID-19 is affecting everyone around the world. We’re in a unique position to help employee caregivers get the support they need. Download and share our “Caregiving in the Next Normal” kit.