Modern caregiving challenges…

a teen addicted to video games, a wandering mom with Alzheimer's, a cyberbullied son, a dad targeted by scams, a daughter with Autism, and the burnt-out employee caregiver.

Torchlight is the only caregiver-support program for employers and health plans that provides

real-time access to the strategies and solutions modern caregivers need most.

Our clients see real returns.

Save: $2K - $3K average cost offset per user per year.
Retain: 84% of users feel more positive about their employer.
Engage: 115+ hours saved per user per year.

From screen time to Social Security, Autism to Alzheimer’s, Torchlight meets caregivers where they are, providing the expert guidance, tools, and step-by-step action plans to solve even the most complex family challenges.


Modern Caregiving. Illuminated.

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Benefits Pro

“Torchlight helps them to be more productive here, which is a bottom-line benefit to our business.”

– Beth Grous Chief People Officer, TripAdvisor

56% of employees do not report family challenges to their employer, and they often feel stress, anxiety and depression as a result. Torchlight helps employees solve problems in real time so companies stay ahead of this invisible epidemic.

Get to the root cause of employee stress and disengagement.


Employee caregivers require guidance and support that is available when they are. Our best-in-class live webinars and podcasts are offered monthly and available 24/7 On Demand.

Listen to an excerpt from one of our most popular webinars and receive a copy of our current schedule.