Help employees master their second job.

So they can focus on
their first.


Help employees master their second job.

So they can focus on
their first.


Caring is everyone's business

Employers Helping Caregivers

It's a $38.2 billion problem. Employees don't leave their life at the front door when they walk into work. Sometimes they are at their worst when you need them performing at their best. With torchlight you can reengage your employees caring for their loved ones, while eliminating hidden healthcare spend with your existing benefits.

Caring for Children and Elders

Your employees are caring for children with learning disabilities, ADHD, autism or other challenges as well as for their aging loved ones with Alzheimer's, financial distress or deteriorating physical health.  torchlight guides employees so they have the power to handle every caregiving challenge with confidence.

First Platform for the Modern Caregiver

Give your employees access to personalized action plans, easy-to-use digital tools, and expert advice to handle every challenge with confidence.

Caring is good business.


24% of employee caregivers cut hours or quit. [4]


COOs Care
5+ hours/week for
employee caregivers are unproductive. [5]


CEOs Care
Culture is king for recruiting employee caregivers.


CFOs Care
$3,381/employee caregiver can move from health plans to public services. [6]
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[4] U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, 2008.[5] Powers ET. Children’s Health and Maternal Work Activity. Journal of Human Resources, 2002.; 38 [3] :522-556, 2004. [6] U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services: Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (MEPS - Medical Expenditure Panel Survey), 2008.
“There are four kinds of people in the world: those who have been caregivers; those who currently are caregivers; those who will be caregivers; and those who will need caregivers”
Former First Lady, U.S.

About us

torchlight is a White House featured technology platform that reduces the costs and complexity of modern caregiving -- a $38.2 billion challenge -- for American families and employers. A pioneer in caregiving for children with special needs, torchlight brings together the nation’s leading special education advisors, elder advocates, attorneys, evaluators, practitioners, and policy contributors to democratize access to critical caregiving for those who need it most.


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Our solutions

A second full-time job. There’s no doubt that that’s what it has felt like trying to navigate the resources and treatments available to your child with special needs.

torchlight has been providing resources to make life easier for the modern caregiver because we understand, firsthand, the challenges that often exist when working with schools and others to get the right services for your child regardless of age or area of difficulty.

As our children mature, so do our elders. There's no handbook on how to make the best decisions for our aging loved ones. But now there's torchlight.

With our new product offering, we are addressing the concerns you find yourself having as you care for aging parents, family members, and friends. With torchlight, you have access to critical information that will support you in making the best decisions.

torchlight illuminates the way for the modern caregiver

Digital Tools
Private Advising
On-Demand Tutorials
Personalized Action Plans
EAP, Provider & Plan Plug-Ins
Ask-the-Expert Forum


“torchlight has long been a trusted provider for guiding our employees through the complexities of finding the right services and resources for their children with special needs. Now by extending torchlight’s proven platform with the introduction of torchlight elder, we are able to provide valuable assistance to even more of EMC’s employees, who also may be struggling to care for their elderly loved ones.” - Lauri Tenney, Director, Benefits at EMC

“The step-by-step approach is very unique and simplifies the solution for struggling parents.”

“I attended the session my employer sponsored to learn about torchlight. The instant I got back to my desk, I told my colleagues who have kids with special needs, 'You MUST check this out - this is the answer!'”

“torchlight is a great resource to help navigate a difficult and emotional process….It provides much more than just searching the web for answers.”

Meet the team

Adam R. Goldberg, M.Ed.

Founder & CEO
Wharton, UPenn
Goldberg Center, Lucent, EMC

Adam McGowan

Firefield, State Street

Carolyn A. Romano, JD

Platform & Child Practice
BU Law
Federation Children with Special Needs

Noreen Vincent

PTC, Optaros

Paul Litterer


Mike Ricciardelli

Business Development
AG Salesworks

Lenore Tracey

Elder Practice

Lisa Labbe

User Experience

Stefanie Boucher


Paul Brescia

Full Stack Development
Launch Academy


Nancy Rosenzweig

Social Venture Leader
ZipCar, Bright Horizons

Patricia Houpt

Employee Benefits Executive

Judy Duff

Software Product Executive

Jerome Schultz, Ph.D.

Child Neuropsychologist
Harvard Medical School

Elliot Sainer

Investor/Serial Entrepreneur
Aspen Education Group

James Weil

Eldercare Leader
Metlife, AARP

Blair Heavey

Entrepreneur In Residence
Babson College, Cartera Commerce

Doug Brenhouse

Mobile Entrepreneur

Dan Richards

Engineering Executive
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Mark Miller

EdTech & Publishing Entrepreneur
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Global Branding Leader
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