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Torchlight Manager

As a leading provider of employee-caregiver support solutions, Torchlight has launched Torchlight Manager, a solution that supports Human Resources in guiding managers to create a caring culture at work during and beyond the Coronavirus pandemic.

Torchlight Helps Resolve the Everyday Modern Challenges of Caregiving.

53 million U.S. adults identify as caregivers requiring extra support for their dual roles. See how Torchlight is the only technology-based, data-informed, human-supported solution dedicated to addressing these needs.

How Torchlight Works

No matter the age, stage, crisis, or concern, Torchlight provides real-time access to strategies and solutions related to the everyday needs and challenges of caring for children and elderly loved ones.

Torchlight- Caregiving in the Next Normal

Employees Don’t Leave Their Lives at the Door When They Come to Work.

Torchlight is the only support benefit for employers and health plans that provides real-time access to caregiving strategies and solutions. Where other platforms fall short, Torchlight excels at transforming the caregiving experience with an unmatched depth of expertise across the spectrum.


Where You’ll Find Torchlight

Torchlight has worked with companies large and small to support their employees’ caregiving needs and been featured in a wide array of publications and communications.

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  • “Torchlight is one of the best tools that we can use and I think every employer should offer it…It’s not only going to become the right way to do business but become the accepted way to do business.”

  • “Our employees are one of our greatest strengths. Investing in high quality, highly supportive employee benefits is not only the right thing to do for them, it’s also a strategic investment for Alameda Health System…Torchlight fully supports our employees and their families to help them move through difficulties with ease. Adding this benefit was a natural fit with our core values.”

  • “It helps with employee retention to be able to provide these tools. We believe it is an additional attraction to those who may be considering TripAdvisor as an employer. Torchlight helps them to be more productive here, which is a bottom-line benefit to our business.”

Request a Demonstration

Let Us Show You How Torchlight Can Help Your Employees.

Curious to learn more about Torchlight’s offerings? Get in touch today to request a demo of our platform.


Caregiving in the Next Normal

Caring is Everyone’s Business.

COVID-19 is affecting everyone around the world. We’re in a unique position to help employee caregivers get the support they need. Download and share our “Caregiving in the Next Normal” kit.