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Torchlight Solutions: Employee Benefit Programs for Family Caregiver Support

No matter the age, stage, crisis, or concern, our digital platform and expert advisors illuminate pathways that effectively resolve modern caregiving challenges.

Real-Time Resolution for Modern Caregiving Results

Employee Caregiver Benefit Programs Torchlight

Even your most dedicated and talented employees don’t leave their family’s needs at home when they start their workday. The most effective companies understand this reality and offer benefits that address these needs.

While traditional family caregiver benefits - like EAPs, backup care, or ABA / Autism insurance – are a start, a modern approach is required to get to the root cause of employee caregiver stress and distraction.

Now there’s Torchlight.

How does Torchlight resolve modern caregiving challenges?


Scalable and turnkey benefit offers predictive analytics to understand employee needs and trends

Torchlight Solutions - Data Informed

Evidence-based methodology uncovers and quickly resolves caregiving challenges at the source

Torchlight Solutions - Human Supported

Digital platform provides real-time access to hundreds of self-guided, problem-solving pathways


Live sessions with national experts address caregiving challenges from birth to end of life

Who needs Torchlight in your organization?



A professor who tried for four years to get services in school for her son with special needs. Using Torchlight advising and other platform resources, she finally got the school education services within a month.

Torchlight Solutions for Son


A team member whose father has Alzheimer’s. He and his three siblings couldn’t agree on where Dad should live. Using Torchlight’s eGuides to get answers, he and his family could see and agree on the best course of action.

Torchlight Solutions for Father


A busy executive whose daughter is experiencing cyberbullying. He used Torchlight resources to approach the school system and get the support his child needed before a crisis occurred.

You'll see measurable outcomes when you educate and empower your employees to cope with – and resolve – their modern caregiving issues with Torchlight.