Navigating the complexities of eldercare can be a daunting, frustrating and costly experience.

Whether just getting started or already on the journey, Torchlight Elder helps families overcome obstacles and illuminates the path. Torchlight Elder:

Torchlight Elder


Empowers caregivers to make certain that aging loved ones have the most appropriate services and resources available. 


Ensures aging loved ones receive more comprehensive, better managed, and  more convenient, high-quality services.


Expands employer offerings, which result in improved productivity, reduced health  plan spending and increased loyalty of a less anxious, more engaged employee population.

Torchlight Elder provides your employee with an online automated navigation portal that can be accessed at all times from any web-enabled device

Torchlight Elder simplifies life for modern caregivers so they can:
  • Assess and determine appropriate housing options for an aging loved one
  • Understand the benefits of geriatric care and the unique medical needs of the elderly
  • Consider why an elder law attorney may be the best choice
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of available insurance options
  • Plan and organize for end-of-life discussions
  • Address special needs for veterans or spouses of veterans
  • Gain insights into a variety of topics, including nutrition,
    pet ownership, and family dynamics
Torchlight Elder features include:

  • Personalized recommendations tailored to the caregiver’s or loved one’s profile and needs
  • Subject-matter tutorials on a range of topics to increase a caregiver’s expertise and confidence
  • Dozens of interactive tools to inform and guide decision making
  • Virtual File Cabinet to store, manage and access key documents
  • Journal to record the caregiving experience
  • Calendar to track appointments, special events and other important dates
  • Team sharing to include others in a loved one’s care

Webinars & Podcasts

Torchlight Elder provides valuable webinars and podcasts, delivered live and made available on-demand to your employees. Our monthly series covers topics on the latest research and trends to support the caregiver in making the best decisions for their aging loved one.

Torchlight Elder is available as a stand-alone, employer-branded technology solution with data reporting and a selection of supporting expert webinars, or as a comprehensive offering with live one-on-one advising.

Consider integrating Torchlight Elder with plug-ins for EAPs, behavioral
and traditional health plans, online and offline benefits and resource and
referral services to both optimize the caregiving experience for employees and maximize ROI for employers – finally, a true win-win.