Boston Private to Talent Management & HR magazine - Caregiving Benefits Matter

We are honored to share an article from TLNT about how our client Boston Private has turned caregiving and employee benefits into a solid strategy. “How One Company is Helping Employees with Caregiving” was written by Diane Terwilliger, their Sr. VP, Human Resources Director, Payroll & Benefits.

Boston Private strives to be a supportive employer; they do not want to have employees feel compelled to choose between work and family. After a thorough analysis of possible employee benefits which could assist employees with the challenging care needs of their children, they implemented Torchlight Child.


Eighteen months after launching Torchlight Child, they also rolled out Torchlight Elder. Diane outlines how three years after they added caregiving to their employee benefits, the company is demonstrating that caring truly is good business.

Read the complete article here, which headlined on TLNT today.