Entrepreneur of myEdGPS Changes Name to Torchlight

Boston – myEdGPS announced today that it has formally changed its name to Torchlight. The company is the creator of the first technology platform designed to reduce the costs and complexities of modern caregiving, a struggle for millions of employees faced with caring for children with special needs.

Over 22 million Americans spend an average of 29 hours per week on caregiving responsibilities in addition to their regular work hours, according to Ceridian Lifeworks 2015 Report “Double Duty, The Caregiving Crisis in the Workplace.” The report estimates that these caregiving demands and resulting absenteeism cost employers $38.2 billion in lost productivity annually.

The torchlight platform seeks to ease many of these demands for working caregivers and their employers, with its core solution, torchlight child, created to help families navigate the challenges of caring for children with autism, ADHD, learning disabilities and other special needs.

“We are extremely proud and excited to launch our new name and believe it more accurately represents who we are and how we help the modern caregiver,” saidAdam Goldberg, M.Ed., CEO and founder of torchlight. “We continue to support employers in helping their employees receive the caregiving guidance they need, where and when they need it, so they can maintain a work-life balance and still provide the best possible care.”

About torchlight

Formerly known as myEdGPS, Torchlight is a technology platform that reduces the costs and complexities of modern caregiving – a $38.2 billion challenge – for families and employers in the US. With easy-to-use digital tools, expert advice, and personalized action plans, caregivers now have the power to handle every challenge with confidence. torchlight covers over half a million working families at innovative companies across the country, companies that recognize caring is good business.

Based in Boston, one of the nation’s leading health-and-technology hubs, Torchlight is led by founder and CEO Adam Goldberg, M.Ed., a pioneer in caregiving, and a team of industry leaders and subject-matter experts across a wide range of domains. For more information, contact sales@torchlight.care, phone 844-693-3477, or visit torchlight.care.