Pandemic Report: Inside Teens’ Lingering Mental Health Struggles

And How Parents Can Help

Unprecedented medical, emotional and economic challenges have made the past few years tough.

At Torchlight, we celebrate the unbelievable resilience of so many employees, families and organizations. But sadly, lingering mental health challenges remain an underdiscussed issue for many people, including children.

Recently, we analyzed Torchlight platform data to discover caregiver concerns rose for teenagers more than for any other childcare group during the pandemic—and that teenage mental health problems persist.

But what’s fueling these challenges? And why weren’t other child groups affected the same way? Most importantly, how can caregivers and teenagers emphasize mental health and total wellbeing to live healthier lives?

The following annual report will answer these questions with compelling data and expert insight. It will equip parents and caregivers with practical strategies to help their teens bounce back from this challenge—and prepare for others in the future.

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