BenefitsPRO: 4 Steps Employers Can Take to Help Employee Caregivers Navigate Challenges

LifeSpeak Inc. SVP of Marketing Aimee Gindin recently authored an article published in BenefitsPRO. Aimee discusses the often-invisible burdens of caregiving, acknowledging the ramifications for both employers and employees. She also recommends ways employers can support their employees as they navigate the challenges of caregiving. Read “4 Steps Employers Can Take to Help Employee Caregivers Navigate Challenges” now.

When you combine these costs with a competitive job market, it’s clear that caregiving support is quickly becoming an essential resource for employers. Given the challenges at hand, here are four steps employers can take to help employee caregivers navigate their challenges:

  1. Provide flexibility.
  2. Educate employees.
  3. Offer personalized support.
  4. Be supportive and accepting.

Employee caregivers who lack support from their employers will continue to struggle—and may fall out of the workforce altogether. Putting measures in place allows employers to improve attraction and retention while ensuring current employees can remain productive while supporting their loved ones.


About Torchlight, a LifeSpeak company

 At Torchlight, a LifeSpeak company, we believe that caring is everyone’s business, and caring is good business. We are the only digital-first, caregiver support platform for employers, health plans, and other member organizations. Torchlight empowers organizations with the tools and one-to-one expertise to help more than 53 million caregivers across the US on their journeys. Unlike traditional call centers and coaching models, Torchlight eliminates the ‘middleman’ by providing caregivers with direct access to top specialists and expertise in a scalable, cost-effective way. In addition to our commitment to family caregivers, our data-driven approach provides workforce insights to human resource leaders and C-level executives that uncover employee needs and enhance performance outcomes. No matter the age, diagnoses, or obstacles ahead, Torchlight helps resolve the everyday, modern challenges of caregiving before they turn into a crisis. For more information, visit