Mythbusting: The Surprising Truth About Your Employee Caregivers

Our Head of Marketing, Aimee Gindin, recently wrote a guest post for the New England Employee Benefits Council.

Ask five different people how to describe a family caregiver, and you’ll get five different answers. Whether it’s raising young children or looking after elderly parents and loved ones, caregiving is a difficult task that is frequently combined with an equally challenging day job. Yet despite 53 million1 U.S. adults identifying as caregivers, myths abound about the role, and companies that better understand and support their employees’ caregiving needs can reap significant rewards.

In this post, she addresses the following myths:

Myth #1: Family caregivers are women with aging parents or children with special needs who live at home with them.

Myth #2: Family caregivers are an insignificant portion of the U.S. population and most of them are unemployed.

Myth #3: Employee caregivers ask for what they need in the workplace.

Myth #4: Employees understand which caregiver benefits they have available to them.

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