torchlight Founder and CEO Adam Goldberg Joins The Forbes Technology Council

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 6.55.29 AM.pngTorchlight founder/CEO Adam Goldberg made his debut today as a member of the Forbes Technology Council, an “invitation-only organization comprised of elite CIOs, CTOs and technology executives.” Mission of the council: to provide unique and timely perspectives on the biggest technology challenges facing leaders today.

Adam’s first post is a bold look at how artificial intelligence might actually humanize modern care.  It’s all about the “A’s in AI.”  Adam looks at technology innovations that are

(a) more assistive (empowering caregivers and the people they care for), 

(b) relieve people of the inhuman administrative burdens in healthcare, and

(c) make care more accessible and affordable.  This may in fact be “the greatest challenge of our time.” 

In future posts, Adam will dive deep into each of these areas beginning with a close look at how the modern classroom is evolving to meet the needs of children with disabilities.