At Home Distance Learning Strategies For Working Parents

Maybe you’ve already heard from your employees that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused their home and work lives to become intertwined in ways previously unimagined. Maybe you know this already because you’re living one of those lives, too.

Because of school closures in the majority of the country, families have had to play key roles to ensure that their children can access their education. They have become the in-person “proctor” so that distance learning can even occur, the tech support department so their kids can access the wifi, and the communications liaison between home and school about all pandemic-related developments. By and large, we have all witnessed a nation of parents willing to roll up sleeves to do what is needed; it’s a global pandemic after all.  

We at Torchlight applaud parents for their efforts to support their children while they also meet their work responsibilities — no easy task in the best of circumstances. What we’re hearing from parents–including our own Torchlighters–is that they need help navigating the ongoing reality of distance learning, and they need help NOW! To respond to this urgency, Torchlight recently asked Leslie Josel, to share her expertise about creating successful learning environments for students. Leslie is a respected resource on ADHD and Executive Functioning in children and adults. She launched Order Out of Chaos in 2004 after her own son was diagnosed with ADHD, executive dysfunction, and other learning disabilities. 

In the on-demand webinar, Leslie guides working parents in their understanding of:

  • Which simple, effective tools your child needs to learn and work from home
  • How to set up your child’s learning environment for maximum productivity
  • How to mimic the structure, transitions, and cues your child typically receives at school
  • How to use fun and effective “homework games” to keep your child motivated
  • How to minimize distractions and manage interruptions

Fortunately, the strategies Leslie covers in the hour-long presentation address attention, organization, and time management issues for children with and without disabilities that affect learning. Many are also appropriate for your employees, too, who may not be used to working from home! 

Torchlight Child users can access this on-demand webinar as well as other timely pandemic content for families via our platform. And right now, others can view the webinar here, or access additional key content via the Caregiving in Times of Crisis Toolkit

Leave a comment about your experiences with distance learning, balancing home and work life, and/or helping your employees do the same.