Finding Help for Parents & Children with Learning Disabilities

Studies reveal that 1 in every 12 children has a speech, language, or other communication challenge. In fact, many of our users report that their children are struggling with attention, communication, and/or learning issues. These all fall within the top 10 caregiving concerns reported between 2016 – 2018, as follows:

Help for Children's Learning Disabilities

A child’s ability to process language and communicate effectively can cause he/she to struggle in school or perform below grade level. It also lies at the heart of more basic skills, such as listening, speaking, and thinking. That “something isn’t quite right” feeling is often a cause of significant stress for parents, making them preoccupied, worried and looking for answers – before, during and after work hours.

We find that parents often sense that their child is struggling in school, at home, or with friends and that is when they turn to Torchlight to help guide them.

Torchlight’s Issues Identification Chart

Our Issues Identification Chart identifies areas where children commonly struggle, definitions of a range of disabilities, and how they are experienced. While not intended to provide a diagnosis, the Chart can help your employee clarify his/her concerns and clearly articulate them to school staff and other professionals.

We invite you to download our Issues Identification Chart to help your concerned employee parents demystify, simplify, and begin to solve this caregiving challenge.