Caregiving in Times of Crisis | Torchlight Blog

As a caregiving company, we’re in a unique position to help during times of crisis. Yet each crisis is new and different, this one involving Coronavirus/COVID-19 far from the exception.

So, we found ourselves huddled (virtually), bringing all of our expertise, ideas, and passion to the Torchlight table, considering how to provide the easiest lift in support of employee families at this incredibly challenging time. With our mission, “Caring is Everyone’s Business” at the forefront of our thinking (and feeling), here’s where we’ve landed:

In consideration of employees suddenly…

  • Locked out of loved ones’ care facilities
  • Scrambling for remote assistance 
  • Unable to restock loved ones’ supplies
  • Needing to communicate in unfamiliar ways
  • Left to lead the “homeschooling” charge
  • Having to explain everything to children while still working  

…and much, much more during this unprecedented crisis, we’ve aligned staff and resources to provide a set of crucial guides and tools in the form of a downloadable “kit.” We’ll update it frequently (and dynamically), starting with the following key guides, available for easy download and distribution (at no cost, of course): 

  • Coronavirus: What Caregivers Need to Know
  • Coronavirus: What Parents Need to Know
  • Coronavirus: How to Stay in Touch When Visiting Is Not Possible  Not Possible
  • Coronavirus and School Closures
  • Managing Your and Your Children’s Anxiety During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Managing Caregiving Anxiety During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Some additional expertise will likely include:

  • Resolving Nursing Home Problems (recorded webinar)
  • Educating Children with Disabilities During the Coronavirus Pandemic (guide)
  • Awareness & Action in Assisting Employee Families (blog series)
  • Corporate Caregiving Q&A Forum (hosted session)

And just to be clear, you do NOT need to be a Torchlight client to download this kit; we only ask that you make caring your business, too, by simply checking in with employees, many of whom are suffering silently during this challenging time.

Your partners in caring, we humbly offer our assistance. Let us know how else we can help!

Adam Goldberg, M.Ed.

Torchlight Founder & CEO