Being a caregiver can be hilarious at times. And super difficult too.

Thanks for watching our caregiver video. And while it may have made you smile or even laugh, you may also know—perhaps from personal experience—that caring for a child or elderly parent is serious business.

Caregiving is often stressful.  And if you also work at a paying job, it can be even more challenging.

That’s why we created Torchlight, a comprehensive platform of the very best caregiver resources and expertise. One-on-one advice and assistance is available too.

Caregivers who use Torchlight save, on average, 115 hours per year! That’s almost a week!

 Interested? Ask your employer about Torchlight.

 Torchlight is a benefit that employers purchase for their workforce. If you’re interested in having more support as a family caregiver where you work, ask your HR department about Torchlight.

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