Supporting Employee Caregivers’ in Times of Crisis

We take our mission, “Caring is Everyone’s Business” very seriously. And we are thrilled to be recognized in HRO Today’s Coronavirus Knowledge Portal for our Caregiving in Times of Crisis Kit.


Supporting Employee Caregivers’ in Times of Crisis

Caregiving can be challenging in the best of times, but  the novel coronavirus pandemic exponentially elevates the stress, uncertainty, and logistical challenges people are navigating.

Older adults (especially those with pre-existing conditions) face a greater risk of experiencing a more serious COVID-19 infection; caregivers are responsible for supporting their older family members by  picking up groceries and medications, and running other essential errands to keep their loved ones safely at home or in a nursing home/care facility. With schools closed, the majority of working parents find themselves supporting their children’s distance learning obligations, figuring out solutions to the shortage of childcare solutions while getting used to working from home for the first time and/or under these new circumstances.For parents of children with special needs, the reduction in specialized instruction, services, and staff presents its own challenges. Now, with summer around the corner and no clear path to school or recreational programming for children and teens, many parents are trying not to panic. People’s jobs are impacted as businesses temporarily close, causing increased family stress and financial worry. 

To manage the tsunami of anxiety, the need for new ways to manage caregiving responsibilities, and help keep employees engaged, caregiving expert and solution provider Torchlight has created its Caregiving in Times of Crisis downloadable kit. The kit includes crucial, time-sensitive guides and tools, such as:

  • Coronavirus: What Caregivers Need to Know
  • Coronavirus: What Parents Need to Know
  • Coronavirus: When Nursing Home Visits Are Not Possible
  • Coronavirus and School Closures
  • Managing Your and Your Children’s Anxiety During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Managing Caregiving Anxiety During the Coronavirus Pandemic

…and much more! 

Click here to download the complete kit.

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