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Scalable Success

Since our inception, we’ve seen a range of success across our client base on a massive scale. We’ve helped hundreds of companies and millions of families address their caregiving needs at whatever point in their journey they find themselves. We’re proud to be a leader in the caregiving space.

The Success is Real

Hear from real Torchlight users who’ve achieved successful outcomes and continue to manage their caregiving roles while balancing work and home responsibilities.

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Case Study

Sofia’s Situation:

Sofia J. *, a key employee at a leading biotech company is offered a promotion that requires moving to another state. She has a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder who receives special education services via an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Sofia’s desire to take the position is overcome by feelings of stress and concern about moving her child to an out-of-state school system. Will they have to start over? She is under a lot of pressure to make a decision and needs help.

Case Study

Julia’s Situation:

Julia Z. *, a healthcare financial consultant, is fearful that her father is in an unsafe situation in his nursing home during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is also pressed to structure and support her son’s distance learning every day. Julia is expected to do it all in the most challenging of times. Her firm’s clients rely on her expertise to weather the economic storm, while she struggles with major life decisions and providing unending support for her family. Anxiety mounts as she operates in crisis mode, her health and work both suffering significantly.

Case Study

Prisha’s Situation:

Prisha M.*, a pharmaceutical company Vice President and mother of a teenage girl is stressed and distracted. Her daughter has been expressing negative feelings about school, her physical appearance, and fleeting friendships. Now, her daughter seems to be retreating into secrecy and depression. Prisha is deeply concerned about her daughter’s overall well-being, while the distress wears on her, and threatens to bring her work to a standstill.

Case Study

Lisa’s Situation:

Lisa Y.*, a financial services call center manager whose mother recently broke her hip is assessing living options with siblings. Up to now, her mother lived independently, but now her safety is at risk. Meanwhile, Lisa is also worried about her son who is absorbed by video games and social media, unable to follow the day's distance learning schedule and complete assigned work while schools are closed. The stress of her family issues is causing her to lose sleep, resulting in irritability at work and a growing inability to keep up with work demands.

Case Study

Sean’s Situation:

Sean G.*, a consultant and father of a fifth-grade daughter struggling with homework completion, has disengaged from his work. His daughter's grades slip as anxiety and frustration mount, causing both father and daughter to shut down, a lose-lose proposition. Sean is overwhelmed and sometimes feels like he is failing his daughter. He needs guidance and tools to help her complete assignments on time in order to reduce his own anxiety and allow him to refocus on his job.

Case Study

Ava’s Situation:

Ava B.*, a full-time professor at a prestigious university has a son with a suspected learning disability who likely needs an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Despite multiple attempts over several years to obtain an evaluation for her son, her requests have been repeatedly denied by the school. Ava has missed several days of work to meet with her son’s school to get help. But each meeting has left her feeling more discouraged, not knowing what to do next. She is desperate to get her son the support he needs but can’t afford to miss more work.

Case Study

Liam’s Situation:

Liam W.*, a biotech director, learned that his father has fallen prey to scammers claiming to be the IRS. Additionally, his wife was diagnosed with early onset dementia and will need support services. And, while the director's children live out of state, he doesn’t want to burden them with remote caregiving responsibilities. Liam is preoccupied with both his father’s financial risk and getting his wife the help she needs. He can’t afford to take days off from work but needs to find a way to balance myriad competing demands while still working.

Case Study

Morgan’s Situation:

Morgan H.*, a financial services executive, has a mother who needs increasing assistance at home, or she will need to move into a long-term care facility despite her strenuous objections. Morgan is a key leader in the company with a lot of responsibility. However, pressure has mounted, and he has missed critical deadlines, in order to meet with siblings and doctors to determine the best care plan for his mother before she gets hurt.

Case Study

Toni’s Situation:

Toni W.*, a wealth manager at a diversified financial services company, is trying to decipher special education regulations to ensure that her son, who receives speech and occupational therapy at school, doesn’t fall further behind during the COVID-19 pandemic. He’ll be back to some form of school, but it all remains uncertain and stressful. Toni spends late nights researching state and federal laws special ed. laws. During the days, she tries to reach school personnel, who are on summer recess, in between work and managing her son’s time. She is exhausted and burnt out; her mental health is moving toward depression, with which she’s struggled in the past.

Case Study

Trevor's Situation

Trevor D.*, product leader at a global information services company, struggles to get a clear health status of his mother who remains in a nursing home during the COVID-19 pandemic. He grows more fearful every day, viewing her worsening condition from the window. He cannot connect directly with the appropriate clinical staff to address rapid weight loss, possible over-medicating, and memory decline. Trevor experiences bouts of anxiety, dreading he is running out of time and options. He disengages from work as he and his sister try to
advocate while also considering in-home hospice care.

*Name changed to protect the identity of the subject profiled

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