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Trevor's Situation

The Situation:

Trevor D.*, product leader at a global information services company, struggles to get a clear health status of his mother who remains in a nursing home during the COVID-19 pandemic. He grows more fearful every day, viewing her worsening condition from the window. He cannot connect directly with the appropriate clinical staff to address rapid weight loss, possible over-medicating, and memory decline.

Employee’s Need:

Identifying and connecting with the responsible primary care physician for a comprehensive clinical update.

Understanding his rights and responsibilities as his mother’s Health Care Agent and Power of Attorney.

Reviewing nursing home restrictions during the pandemic, alongside options for in-home hospice care.

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  • Advisor: Advocating with nursing home team, reviewing CMS visitation restrictions, addressing in-home hospice considerations.


“The Torchlight platform was an excellent source of information, and my advisor was extremely knowledgeable, very empathetic, compassionate, and understanding. Now that I’m more equipped to advocate, and know all my options, I’m more confident and less anxious, even though it’s still tough.”

~ Trevor D., Product Leader


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