Torchlight Announces Launch of Caregiver Self-Assessment Tool & Dashboard for Better Caregiver Effectiveness and Performance Outcomes

October 13, 2021 Burlington, MA – Torchlight, the leading digital-first caregiver support platform for employers, health plans, and other member organizations, is proud to announce the release of its Caregiver Self-Assessment tool & dashboard. For over a decade, the members who access the Torchlight platform have benefited from real-time, step-by-step caregiver guidance from online resources and expert advising sessions to navigate the complex and often confusing challenges faced by family caregivers.

With the Caregiver Self-Assessment, members can now take their Torchlight experience to the next level to become more effective in their caregiving roles. The research-informed, Caregiver Self-Assessment allows caregivers to measure themselves in five domains  – wellbeing, adaptability, self-care, collaboration, and effectiveness. Through use of the assessment, caregivers receive an objective analysis of their own strengths and challenges as caregivers right in the platform. Based on their scores, members will automatically receive resource recommendations to help build their knowledge and skills in any areas for improvement. With the ability to take the Caregiver Self-Assessment multiple times, caregivers can assess their wellbeing and effectiveness over time, ultimately mitigating the stresses and strains of caring for a loved one.

Adam Goldberg, M.Ed., CEO of Torchlight, shares his excitement over the release of the Caregiver Self-Assessment. “Data is at the heart of what we do,” said Goldberg. “There is no other caregiver support organization that can provide this level of workforce or population analytics and insights to businesses. With the Caregiver Self-Assessment tool, we can now take our data one step further, providing measurable insights to both the caregivers using our platform, as well as the sponsoring organizations, which are always seeking new ways to support family caregivers both in and outside of the workplace, as well as enhance performance outcomes, and retain their employees.”

When it comes to caregiving, Torchlight operates on the belief and lived experience that oftentimes caregivers only get one shot at making a good decision on behalf of a loved one, so it’s imperative that they take a proactive approach and reflect on their own needs as caregivers. “As a company, we keep top of mind the importance of caregiver self-care and effectiveness,” said Carolyn Romano, J.D., Vice President of Product. “The better someone can understand and improve their own care and approach to caregiving, the more effective they can be at caring for someone else. Our new Caregiver Self-Assessment tool gives our members the opportunity to take a high-level view of how they’re functioning in this role, which can often be a luxury for many working caregivers. We are confident that this assessment gives caregivers the ability to self-reflect, and with the support of Torchlight, make fundamental adjustments within themselves and their caregiving environments. Ultimately, we believe we will see our members lead healthier lives because of our assessment, we expect those needing care will have better outcomes, too,” said Romano. The Caregiver Self-Assessment is now available to all members of sponsoring organizations.

About Torchlight 

At Torchlight, we believe that caring is everyone’s business, and caring is good business. We are the only digital-first, caregiver support platform for employers, health plans, and other member organizations. Torchlight empowers organizations with the tools and one-to-one expertise to help more than 53 million caregivers across the US on their journeys. Unlike traditional call centers and coaching models, Torchlight eliminates the ‘middleman’ by providing caregivers with direct access to top specialists and expertise in a scalable, cost-effective way. In addition to our commitment to family caregivers, our data-driven approach provides workforce insights to human resource leaders and C-level executives that uncover employee needs and enhance performance outcomes. No matter the age, diagnoses, or obstacles ahead, Torchlight helps resolve the everyday, modern challenges of caregiving before they turn into a crisis. For more information, visit