Taking a Modern Approach to Caregiving & Providing Assistance to Employees | Torchlight in HRE

Human Resource Executive (HRE) interviewed Adam Goldberg, M.Ed., about the most important findings in Torchlight’s 2018 report Modern Caregiving Challenges Facing U.S. Employees. The discussion centered around two of the report’s primary conclusions: First, the definition of family caregiving should be expanded. Second, employers should take a more holistic approach to addressing the rapidly changing and expanding needs of its employee caregivers.

HRE’s article highlights some of the report’s key findings from Torchlight’s analysis of data from the more than 1 million employees at its clients’ organizations. Goldberg explained how some of the national discussion around employee caregiving may not give the full picture of the problem or correctly illustrate modern day caregiving responsibilities. He outlined how caregiving has traditionally had a more limited definition, which does not explain the full picture of what is really affecting modern caregivers.

“Employers better engage their workforce by expanding the definition of caregiving to include ‘modern’ day-to-day challenges, in addition to more traditional needs,” explained Goldberg.

He also discussed with HRE how Torchlight’s analysis uncovered the different ways which employees want and need to receive assistance with caregiving challenges. He advised against a one-size-fits-all approach to designing corporate-caregiving programs, based on the report’s findings.

Read the full article, “Why Employers Need to Expand the Definition of ‘Caregiver’.”