Predictive Analytics Role in Employee Caregiving Benefits | Torchlight & Forbes

Our CEO, Adam Goldberg, M.Ed, is a member of the Forbes Tech Council. His latest article, “Predictive Analytics Will Be The Silent Game-Changer In Employee Benefits,” discusses how we are at a transformational point in improving corporate employee benefits and our employees’ lives by embracing predictive analytics.

blog-3949_400_6d18078e84d93600baaf18165a1394f8Goldberg outlines the current challenges within HR around strategically planning for future workforce benefit needs, and he offers examples of change from one of Torchlight’s customers. He concludes his analysis with an optimistic outlook regarding how to bring predictive analytics into the HR benefits world and provides four specific steps to do so today during a company’s benefit review process.

Read the entire article here to learn how to move your annual workforce needs analysis and review of current benefit offerings into the modern age.