Discussing Family Care & Employee Sponsored Benefits | Torchlight & Amgen

Employee Benefit News (EBN) highlights the growing importance of family caregiving benefits and speaks with both Torchlight and our client Amgen in EBN’s recent article “Tech Companies Edge into Crowded Caregiving Space.” The article outlines the consistently growing demand for family care focused, employer sponsored benefits and illustrates how large employers, including Amgen, are assisting employees better manage family responsibilities and related stress.

Amanda McComb, Senior Associate of Employee Experience at Amgen, says the company offers family caregiving benefits to Amgen’s 10,500 eligible employees to help better support the care of both children and elders. McComb says she personally uses Torchlight. The average age of an Amgen employee is 43, making most employees part of the sandwich generation. This typically means that a worker may be responsible for taking care of aging parents and children, McComb stated.

The article highlights how Torchlight is the only family caregiving solution in the growing marketplace that covers the full age continuum. Torchlight’s Founder and CEO Adam Goldberg, M.Ed. developed the company’s offering in a manner which mirrored the array of age-specific, caregiving challenges he’s experienced in his own life. Torchlight also offers both traditional and modern family care assistance; data in the company’s recently released caregiving report shows this mix is of critical importance to the modern employee.

Goldberg explained that employers relate well to the platform because they need a benefit that helps employees in a variety of different scenarios. “Employers really took to that because it’s sometimes hard for employers to justify a niche or two within the workforce, they want to invest in benefits that cover as many folks as possible,” he says. “Who doesn’t in the workforce, or in life in general, experience any of this stuff?”

Read the full EBN article here.