Torchlight Launches Three Podcast Channels

Torchlight, the only digitally powered, caregiver benefit solution for the full age continuum, has expanded its in-house media engine to include three separate podcast channels.  The three podcast channels are all produced internally, along with partnering with the national’s top experts and policy makers. We are honored and thrilled to have discussions and share them over iTunes and Spreaker. Please read our official press release here.  The three channels are, as follows:

The Exceptional Parenting Podcast

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Parenting is hard. Parenting a child with specific emotional or educational needs is even harder. Tune in to Torchlight’s Exceptional Parenting Podcast for discussions with the nation’s top experts about today’s toughest parenting challenges. Whether you’re concerned about your child’s development, learning, and behavior, or you just want to make family time more enjoyable, you’ll find that each episode offers practical, easy-to-use solutions that can help. New episodes released on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month.

Eldercare Illuminated

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Torchlight’s Eldercare Illuminated empowers family caregivers as they overcome obstacles and navigate the complexities of caring for an ill or aging loved one. Tune in for conversations with top eldercare experts, practitioners, or experienced caregivers who can provide practical advice and hands-on tips designed to help you simplify your life while meeting your loved one’s needs. New episodes released on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday each month.

Corporate Caregiving Conversations

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Did you know that 43 million working people in the U.S. are balancing the demands of their jobs with caring for an aging loved one or child who needs extra support? Did you also know that most employee caregivers — 20% of your company’s workforce — suffer in silence and will never mention their caregiving status to you, their employer? It’s time to address the national caregiving crisis, its impact on your company’s bottom line, and the competitive edge a caregiving-friendly workplace provides in today’s economy. Tune in now to Corporate Caregiving Conversations, a Torchlight podcast, for straight talk with the nation’s top business leaders, policymakers, and caregiving experts. Tune in for a new one once a month!