Torchlight Manager

As a leading provider of employee-caregiver support solutions, Torchlight has launched Torchlight Manager, a solution that supports Human Resources in guiding managers to create a caring culture at work during and beyond the Coronavirus pandemic.

Designed for HR leaders, the new offering provides managers with key resources so they can support employees who are struggling to balance the intensity of work and life demands during a pandemic.

Torchlight Manager provides on-demand, digital guides, tip sheets and tools, all informed by Torchlight’s leading expertise across caregiver support, compliance, and policy domains, to help managers adapt to the new demands of the evolving workforce, and includes modules such as:

  • A Guide for HR Leaders: Creating a Care Culture at Work During the Coronavirus Pandemic
  • An Invitation to Managers: Support the Caregivers on Your Team
  • Learn About the Caregiving Challenges Your Employees Face
  • Understand That Caregiving Is Protected in the Workplace
  • Talk About Caregiving with Your Employees: Do’s and Don’ts
  • Practice Compassionate Leadership
  • Avoid Unconscious Biases in the Workplace
  • Share Your Company’s Caregiving Benefits, Policies, and Practices

Available today, Torchlight Manager is included at no additional charge to current Torchlight clients and is bundled with Torchlight’s Child and Elder caregiver support solutions for new clients.

If you are not a current Torchlight client and are interested in Torchlight Manager for your organization, please fill out the inquiry form on this page and a representative will contact you soon.

“We are in unprecedented times that are straining our work and home life, healthcare systems, and our economy. By focusing on creating a caring culture, employers can sustain both employees and the company through these difficult times and beyond.”

-Adam Goldberg, M.Ed., Torchlight Founder & CEO

“The HR leaders we’ve spoken with recognize the urgency and importance of supporting employees with their caregiving challenges during the pandemic. As their new “corporate caregiving” roles emerge and evolve, they realize they can’t do it alone. To reach as many employee caregivers as possible, HR executives will need to enlist the help of properly trained frontline managers and supervisors. That’s where Torchlight Manager comes in.”

-Carolyn Romano, J.D., Torchlight Vice President of Product

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