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Torchlight Elder: Eldercare Benefits For Employees

How do modern caregivers of aging loved ones impact your organization?

  • 34.2 million caregivers provide unpaid care for an adult age 50 or older
  • 85% care for a parent or a loved one
  • 81% are in the workforce
  • 100% are overwhelmed with modern caregiving issues
  • 5 million older Americans are victims of financial scams every day
  • 10,000 Americans are turning 65 every day

and many of them work for you.

Our Users Are Saying...

From aging in place, to finding housing options, to avoiding scams, and dealing with Medicare, Torchlight Elder provides 24/7, real-time access to the strategies and solutions your employees need to navigate the complexities of elder caregiving.

Aging doesn’t need to be a burden.

Learn how Torchlight can help educate and empower employee caregivers to cope with – and resolve – everyday modern challenges around eldercare.

Get to the root cause of employee stress and disengagement.

Employees with modern eldercare challenges

Torchlight Elder Senior Care Assistance

The VP of a national company’s mom is failing physically and refuses to go into a facility. The executive and her siblings do not agree on an aging-in-place plan for Mom, and none of them live near Mom. They realized that Mom’s financial plan may not position her well for other types of quality care. No one is sure how to find location-specific answers.


A busy IT programmer’s dad has early onset Alzheimer’s and is still living independently. The programmer realizes that his dad has been sharing his personal information with callers claiming to be the IRS. His dad is stressed about the “IRS” and his son is preoccupied knowing his dad’s personal assets and identity are now at risk.


A still working aging Veteran is feeling the financial pain of his company’s high deductible health plan. He knows there should be other options for him, but it’s too complicated to figure out on his own. His HR department can’t assist him with navigating Medicare, Medicaid, PACE, Veteran’s benefits, or options in his state. His children are also too busy to help.

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  • "Great webinars and tools. They are extremely useful not only for caring for my loved one, but also for planning for my own old age."

    — Employee at Fortune 500 Technology Company

  • "I've taken advantage of Torchlight's wide reach, getting help with home safety, non-traditional housing options, even managing differing care opinions among my siblings. I wish I had this years ago when we started on the journey with our father."

    — Executive at Fortune 500 Technology Company

  • "The program is really outstanding and the expert advisors we can contact are amazing. I'm so glad they began this new program and saw our need!"

    — Employee at Fortune 100 Financial Investment Firm

  • "Torchlight helped me to better evaluate where my father is in the aging/dementia process. I am so appreciative that my employer offers this."

    — Clinician at Large Biopharmaceutical Company

Learn how your employees can solve any elder caregiving issue at its source through 24/7 access to the Torchlight Elder solution.