Why are your employees losing sleep?

Posted by torchlight Marketing on Jan 9, 2019 7:24:30 AM

Sleep matters for you and your company. Scientific evidence is clear that to maintain physical and mental health; productivity; and performance resting the body and mind is critical. Just one hour of lost sleep can lead to poor decision-making and decreased productivity, which can increase an organization’s costs, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. What is keeping your employees up at night? Can you help? 

What is keeping employees awake?

There are a variety of wellbeing benefit vendors, which are specifically offering programs to assist with employees’ sleep. But ultimately, what is the root cause behind why many of your employees aren’t sleeping? A 2013 national Gallup sleep survey showed that 40% of adults get less than the recommended amount of sleep, primarily due to stress. We hear each and every day from our users about what is keeping them up at night:

  • My husband seems to be more forgetful lately. For instance, he repeats the same stories several times, even in the same conversation. Should I be worried?
  • My fourth grader is struggling with getting her math facts down. Her teacher has recommended we get diagnostic testing done. The school referred us somewhere for the testing, but it is very expensive. We can’t afford it. Where should we start?
  • My Mom won’t even consider moving, but she just can’t manage the house anymore. I just want her to be safe, and it’s a big fight every time we talk. My siblings aren’t helpful, as none of us agrees about what to do. We all live in different parts of the country away from Mom. I don’t know what to do.
  • I am relocating with my two children both of whom are being treated for anxiety and depression. How can I minimize the effect of the move on their emotional well being. How do I go about finding new therapists?
  • I'm worried about my dad's driving. He insists that he's fine, but I've noticed that the car has all sorts of new dings and scrapes on it. Dad just complains about other drivers being incompetent. I don’t know if he should be taken off the road.
  • My daughter is eleven and overly sensitive. When we talk to her about an issue she starts crying or runs away. Is this normal or should we be concerned about an underlying emotional issue?

Modern Caregiving's impact on stress

People – your employees – may lie awake at night far too often because they don’t know what to do to help a loved one get the care and support s/he needs. They might be faced with any, some, or all of the most pressing problems described in our report “Modern Caregiving Challenges Facing U.S. Employees.”


Top modern family care concerns of Torchlight users

Many of these issues crop up soon after a family member is diagnosed with a disability or illness; others represent daily life stressors, whether acute or chronic. All can contribute to a disruption of normal sleep habits and need to be addressed.

If you want to learn more about how Torchlight can give your employees the information, support, (and rest!) needed to solve their most pressing family-care challenges, contact us today.

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