Company Culture. WHO. WHO are We?

Posted by torchlight Marketing on Apr 16, 2018 10:01:30 AM

While discussion around the importance of company culture has been around for decades, it's not going away. I have always subscribed to this whole heartedly and have seen it proven again and again.  It matters. Culture directly impacts employee engagement. Employee engagement directly impacts your product or service. Your product and service directly impact your customer satisfaction. Ultimately, your culture and brand are intrinsically intertwined.

So WHO your company is mirrors how successfully you will serve your customers and their needs. WHO works at your company will ultimately drive its success now and throughout the future. How you treat your WHO has a great impact on your culture and brand. A great product is only a thing without the people who power the company around it. 

who works in your company is your culture

As a company in the employee benefits space, and one which focuses on people and caregiving, creating a real human connection to our corporate identity is important. Our whole mission is that "Caring is Everyone's Business and Caring is Good Business."  People are the most important aspect of not only our culture, but the essence of our product. So WHO is Torchlight? We have developed our company values, our mission statement, our internal SLAs, our hiring standards and our corporate policies around this WHO. It's time to begin to let you all know just WHO we are.

Beginning in May, we'll introduce you to our WHO throughout our social media pages each Friday. Follow the hashtag #whotorchlight each Friday. We hope that you'll begin to see the story of us - our WHO - and why we do what we do. All of us - as individuals - make up a team and the WHO of our company.  We are incredibly proud of our company WHO and all the 'WHOs' who work here.

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