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Torchlight Provides Unique Employee Caregiver Benefits to Improve Employee Retention & Engagement


Beth Grous

Chief People Officer

“It helps with employee retention to be able to provide these tools. We believe it is an additional attraction to those who may be considering TripAdvisor as an employer. Torchlight helps them to be more productive here, which is a bottom-line benefit to our business.”

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Lauri Tenney

(former) Director, Benefits

“Torchlight has long been a trusted advisor for guiding our employees through the complexities of finding the right services and resources for their children. With Torchlight, we are able to provide valuable assistance to even more employees by supporting and enabling the care for their elderly loved ones.”

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Boston Private

Diane Terwilliger

Human Resources Manager, Payroll & Benefits

“We are very pleased to be recognized by NEEBC for our Torchlight Child and Torchlight Elder programs that we have integrated into the wellness benefits program we offer our employees. We understand that our employees are pulled in many directions in their personal lives and our goal is to support them with what they are dealing with day to day. It is important to us to support our employees from ‘hire to retire’ and the feedback from employees that have utilized our child and elder caregiving benefit has been very positive. Seven percent of our employees are utilizing the Torchlight platform, including the decision-support tools, roadmaps, online resources and the interactive webinars.”

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Paula Peck

Director of Total Rewards

“Our employees are one of our greatest strengths. Investing in high quality, highly supportive employee benefits is not only the right thing to do for them, it’s also a strategic investment for Alameda Health System. We value integrity, continuous improvement and passion. Demonstrating these values in our employee benefits package is just one way that we show loyalty back to our employees. Torchlight fully supports our employees and their families to help them move through difficulties with ease. Adding this benefit was a natural fit with our core values.”

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